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NYC doctor explains eyelid ptosis

Eyelid Ptosis Treatments from Dr. Edmund Kwan

A common complaint of patients of Asian descent or those who are dealing with the signs of aging is upper eyelid ptosis. Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of NYC sees many patients with drooping upper eyelids who want to reduce the obstruction of their vision. In most cases, patients can have a surgical procedure in which the upper eyelid is elevated and muscles of the eyelid are addressed. Two muscles, the Mueller’s muscle and the levator muscles, are responsible for the functioning of the upper eyelid and can be tightened to tighten the lid, opening the eyes.

Patients may experience eyelid ptosis for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Naturally present (patient was born with a drooping eyelid)
  • Result of injury or trauma to the area
  • Normal aging process
  • Ethnicity
  • Loosening of the upper eyelid skin
  • Damage to the nerves
  • Weakened muscles around the eyes
  • Specific diseases (stroke, diabetes, etc.)

Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD of NYC provides patients with a solution to their eyelid ptosis. By tightening the muscles of the upper eyelids, the eyes will be opened up and appear more well rested. Patients who have experienced nerve injuries around the eyes or Bell’s palsy may be proper candidates for upper eyelid surgery due to eyelid ptosis.

Additionally, the muscles of the forehead can be addressed to help open up the eyes. It can also reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles. This can be discussed during the initial consultation appointment with Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD and his surgical team.

Patients interested in learning about upper eyelid surgery, eye lifts, and other procedures for facial reconstruction are encouraged to contact the team at Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. This state-of-the-art practice provides patients with surgical treatments for the face and body, and allows individuals to achieve the look they’ve always desired. Contact his practice today to learn about eyelid ptosis and other concerns of the face and body that can be addressed with the assistance of Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD.

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