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Spotlight your best features with non-invasive and surgical facial contouring in New York

As you may know, there is an art to contouring; maximizing the features you like most and minimizing those you don’t. Specific types of products and shades are used in combination to sculpt, define, and highlight your face. There is certainly an art to facial contouring in New York at the office of Edmund Kwan, MD. A board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Kwan also has many tools in his toolkit to achieve the structure and contours you used to have, or never had (at least without makeup).

Dr. Edmund Kwan has surgical and nonsurgical options for facial contouring to reshape every area of your face, from the forehead to the jawline.

Contouring without the scalpel

Dr. Kwan and his team offer many non-invasive alternatives to surgical procedures that reshape or manipulate underlying tissues. With dermal fillers, the doctor rejuvenates your appearance from the outside in. A filler selected for your unique needs and personal preferences is precisely injected into the area you’d like to correct; for example, Juvéderm Voluma is injected into the mid-face or cheek area to add volume to the apples of the cheeks. Gravity and age-related changes underneath the skin can cause the “apples” to fall. Skin laxity and fat loss have a dramatic effect on your overall facial appearance because this redistribution of fat and tissues can make a formerly softer or oval facial shape appear more angular or square. You may not feel like you look like yourself anymore.

Myriad surgical options

Dr. Kwan’s experience and training combine with an AAAASF-certified ambulatory surgery facility to minimize the risks inherent with all surgical procedures.

In the qualified and skilled hands of Dr. Kwan, invasive doesn’t mean prolonged healing times and significant risk. Dr. Kwan’s experience and training combine with an AAAASF-certified ambulatory surgery facility to minimize the risks inherent with all surgical procedures. His artistry combines with these qualifications to sculpt every part of the face in a way that enhances your natural beauty and achieves facial balance.

  • Upper face – As gravity takes its toll, your eyebrows may droop and crowd your eyelids. Droopy brows can detract from wide, alert eyes and make you look tired. Dr. Kwan restores your vibrant, youthful, and healthy appearance by lifting the brows through an incision well-placed and -hidden in the hairline. As the brows are lifted, wrinkles and furrows on the forehead (between and around the eyes) are also smoothed out. Forehead contouring also involves an incision camouflaged in the hairline, which allows the doctor to access bony irregularities and reduce them, or to add a safe material such as synthetic bone cement to reshape the area. The material is shaped to create a gentle curve for those patients who may desire a more “feminine” or delicate shape, or for those patients with depressed or flat foreheads.
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  • Mid-face – The upper and lower cheeks may be recontoured to achieve the shape or look you used to have, or always wanted. When the upper cheeks are overly wide or out-of-proportion with other features, Dr. Kwan may recommend cheekbone reduction. This can be achieved with an intraoral incision in the mouth and burring down or reconfiguring the bone to achieve your desired amount of correction. The lower cheeks may be reshaped or contoured to achieve a slimmer appearance by reducing the buccal fat pad in the hollows of the cheeks. If you desire augmentation rather than reduction, fat may even be taken from one part of your body (that you wish to reduce) and redistributed to another part of your body, such as the mid-face which is prone to volume loss as we age.
  • Lower face – Just as bone may be removed or reconfigured in the cheeks, so can bone be reduced in the jaw to narrow a bulky jawline. This feature can make you appear to have a very square facial shape. The specific muscles responsible for these heavy features may also be removed. The thick masseter muscles that bear the brunt of chewing can become overworked and oversized due to habits such as chronic, untreated bruxism or teeth-grinding. For the right patient, Botox can also work wonders to inhibit the muscular contractions that stimulate the masseters without affecting healthy function.

Every part of your face will be considered by Dr. Kwan when developing a treatment plan in partnership with you. Because Dr. Kwan’s client base is so diverse, he also has experience with ethnic anatomical and structural differences that can influence the type of procedure recommended as well as the technique used to get your beautiful results, safely. Schedule your complimentary consultation at one of our three convenient locations in Manhattan, Flushing, or Fort Lee.


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