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What is forehead contouring?

What is forehead contouring?

Forehead contouring is a cosmetic surgery involving a patient’s forehead area from the upper eyebrow to the scalp line, and from one side to the other of the head. When a patient undergoes a forehead contouring surgery, the earlier mentioned facial area is made slightly smoother and less protrusive.

Applications of Forehead Contouring

Even though it is uncommon, some patients suffer from increased protrusion than normal. In such a situation, a cosmetic surgeon will slightly reduce the protrusion through forehead contouring surgery.

For some patients, their forehead area consists of indentations and irregularities which are aesthetically not pleasing. Performed through an incision in the hairline, a forehead augmentation procedure will make the patient’s forehead less protrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

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The Procedure

Similar to a brow lift surgery, the forehead augmentation procedure involves the exposure of the entire relevant surgical area. Then the bone is identified and the specific area that is indented is located and noted. Following these steps, the surgery involves the insertion of a material which will contribute to giving a nice and smooth looking forehead. Also referred to as a “bony augmentation,” this procedure involves the use of a substance known as polymethylmethacrylate which is bone cement.

When bone cement is placed inside a patient’s forehead, it provides a permanent result. At no point in time do patients have to remove or amend the substance. However, if a patient makes the decision to have the bone cement removed from his or her forehead, this can be done, as well.

When bone cement is used on a patient, it will stick right on the bone and feel exactly like the bone. Consequently, patients will enjoy a smoother forehead and a more augmented look. For most patients, this is more desirable compared to a forehead that’s pushed in.

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