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NYC area patients ask, is breast reduction worth it?

There are many breast surgery treatments available for patients in the NYC area who want to either enlarge their breasts or reduce them. When patients are dealing with problems associated with large breasts, they may begin to wonder: is breast reduction worth it?

Patients with very large breasts have a number of problems and concerns that may develop. They may feel embarrassed or self-conscious about the size of their breasts and feel as though they are receiving the wrong attention. They may be discouraged when others are looking at their chest instead of at their face when talking to them. They may feel as though it is difficult to find clothing that allows them to be modest and comfortable. Many patients with large breasts hide their bodies under oversized clothing to limit the attention their breasts may attract.

Outside of emotional concerns, patients may also experience medical problems. They may notice they experience chronic back aches, shoulder pain, and headaches. They may be unable to stand properly and enjoy appropriate posture which can reduce discomfort on the spine and upper back. Patients with very large breasts may be limited in how much they can move and exercise, resulting in overall higher weight. Patients may also be dealing with indentations, pain, and discomfort caused by tight bra straps on the shoulders due to the weight of their breasts. Sometimes, breasts can be too large for comfort and can have negative effects on one’s quality of life—which is when breast reduction becomes a real solution.

Many of the patients who have visited Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD for breast reduction surgery have been ecstatic in the results. They like how he sculpts the breasts so they are proportional and natural-looking. He can make the breasts match one’s natural body contours to ensure they are proportional to the rest of the body and provide a more pleasing appearance. Many patients are satisfied with the results and can become more active and confident in their day-to-day lives. Most are very happy that they had the procedure done and wish they would have had it completed earlier, saving them years of embarrassment and discomfort! CALL 718 661 4580

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