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Restore facial balance and confidence with jawbone reduction techniques in New York, NY

Does your face shape not “match” your softer, more delicate features? Do you hide sharper angles behind your hair? Perhaps, your face appears more angular and less oval than it once did? Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan, and his skilled team in Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey can help you attain the face shape and overall feminine features that may have always eluded you. Likewise, they can correct the root cause of unwanted changes to your appearance over time. Depending on the source of your concerns, jawbone reduction in the New York, NY area at the offices of Edmund Kwan, MD may involve filing down or removing a portion of the bone and muscle. Not every plastic or cosmetic surgery office has the experience and knowledge to safely and successfully offer this type of procedure. As an Asian plastic surgeon, Dr. Kwan sees many patients who desire a smaller jawline and softer facial contours. A typical Asian face tends to have delicate features, so a large or bulky jaw draws the eye downward, overwhelms a slight nose or chin, and the first thing anyone may notice about that face? It’s prominent square or “masculine” facial shape.

Jawbone Reduction New York NY

The surgical approach

All treatments start with getting a thorough examination of your facial features and advanced, accurate diagnostics. In this way, Dr. Kwan:

  • Pinpoints the exact area of concern
  • Determines if a bone or muscular problem is to blame for bulkiness
  • Removes a portion of both bone and muscle (in some cases, as needed) to achieve desired correction
  • Narrows the jaw by removing the outer layer of bone (specific techniques vary)

The most prominent portions of the jawbone are shaved off to reduce its size and width. A portion of the “trouble” muscle may also be removed. Accessing the problematic areas may be done much less invasively though intraoral incisions made in the mouth. Drains may be placed, and sutures used to close incisions. The function of your mouth and lower jaw is retained, due to the precise nature of our surgical techniques and due to the number of muscles that are required to make a single, subtle facial expression or movement.

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The nonsurgical answer

If you used to like the appearance of your face but have experienced some unwanted changes, Botox may be the answer for restoring softer features. Did you know habits such as chronically grinding your teeth can alter the shape of your face? Tooth grinding and clenching can use such significant force that it actually “bulks up” the muscles responsible for crushing and grinding food, similarly to how the upper arms may become bigger with targeted weight training. The masseter muscles that connect the cheeks and jaws operate like any other muscles, which means that the complication of bruxism (as teeth-grinding is known) and other habits like frequent, aggressive gum-chewing can cause them to expand to such a degree that a formerly oval or round face may appear squarer and angled with the passage of time.

Jawbone reduction to narrow a wide face in New York, NY

When injected into the muscles, Botox will block the messages from the brain that tell your muscles to contract. When these signals aren’t able to be sent, the masseters responsible for a bulked-up jaw can’t contract. Since this solution is precisely injected into only the muscles responsible for your concerns, the dreaded “frozen face” is avoided. You can still express yourself naturally, without diminished function. Botox doesn’t require preparation, nor does it require time for recovery and there are no demands on your body for healing. You can get back to your day immediately following the procedure. Unlike more invasive procedures, Botox produces temporary results. Dr. Kwan will advise about ongoing treatments to maintain the results. Over time, less Botox may be required for maintenance. You may also notice quality of life benefits, such as the resolution of headaches, or neck and facial pain caused by tense jaw muscles.

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We understand there are features that bother you, but we won’t know the source of your concerns until we see you and thoroughly analyze and examine your face. Once we know that, you’ll be on the way to loving the reflection you see in the mirror. Contact Edmund Kwan 718 661 4580, MD to schedule a consultation at one of our three offices: in Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey.


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