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Plastic surgeon offers surgery services for patients in the Queens, NY area who want to improve their body

Patients who have imperfections on their body may feel self-conscious about the way they look or the way their clothes fit. It is common for patients to have areas that just don’t meet their expectations. Thanks to plastic surgery, patients in the area of Queens, NY can achieve a more attractive body with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edmund Kwan. Whether you want to increase the size of your breasts or you want to remove unwanted fat from the midsection, we have services for you!

Plastic Surgery Services in Queens NY area

Plastic surgery services

Dr. Edmund Kwan offers a wide variety of services that can be used to enhance the appearance of all areas of the body. Below is a small sample of the plastic surgery options available in our practice:

    • Tummy tuck – Excess fat in the abdominal area may be removed with liposuction, but afterward, both excess skin and loose muscles may remain. A tummy tuck is done to tighten the skin and muscles in the area to address sagging that may be present and ensure a tighter, more toned appearance to the midsection.
    • Breast reconstruction – Women who have had their breasts removed or altered due to cancer may want to improve their appearance with breast reconstruction. With this treatment, patients can have implants placed or repositioning of the areola for a more natural breast appearance. This can help women feel more confident in their body after dealing with breast cancer and the after-effects of a mastectomy.
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  • Breast reduction – Women who have larger breasts may deal with a variety of issues due to their size. This may include back pain or the inability to exercise. Others may desire smaller breasts to eliminate unwanted attention to the breast area. During a breast reduction, the fat and tissues in the breasts are removed during surgery and the breasts are evened out so they match in size and shape.
  • Breast implants – Patients who have smaller breasts may desire to improve the size of their breasts with breast implants. We have different types of implants and a variety of different ways to surgically place them to reduce noticeable scarring and ensure long-lasting results.
  • Liposuction – Traditional liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat in many areas of the body. This may include the abdomen, the thighs, the upper arms, and other trouble areas that may be unresponsive to exercise and larger than patients desire. Liposuction is the removal of this unwanted fat via a cannula that is inserted into the area that suctions out the fat.
  • Breast lift – Women who have experienced extreme weight loss, natural effects of aging, or changes to their breasts following pregnancy may notice that their breasts sag more than they desire. This is when a breast lift may be beneficial. In this procedure, the plastic surgeon is able to bring the breast tissue upward to reduce the sagging of the breasts.
  • Mommy makeover – When women want to address various areas of their body, they can combine several of the above procedures to achieve a “Mommy makeover.” This treatment is referred to as a mommy makeover because it can address several problems that often occur after pregnancy. When patients are done having children and are ready to take time to improve themselves, they are encouraged to ask about the mommy makeover. It may include a breast lift, breast implants, liposuction, and tummy tuck. Our doctor will speak with women to help them decide what treatments can be done to achieve the results they desire.

Which treatment is appropriate for me?

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We welcome patients in the Queens, NY area to schedule a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with Dr. Edmund Kwan to learn about the services offered and determine which options are best for their specific goals and needs. Patients can visit one of our three locations to find out how plastic surgery solutions can improve their self-esteem and enhance their overall appearance.

Learn more about plastic surgery services available from Dr. Edmund Kwan

If you reside in the Queens area and are interested in having plastic or reconstructive work done to improve your body’s contours and appearance, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Edmund Kwan. He has three locations available in Flushing, Manhattan, and New Jersey for your convenience and can be reached in Manhattan at (212) 734 4488.


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I had a reconstructive open nose surgery and ten days later scars are nowhere to be seen. If I had not seen the threads I would not have believed it was an open surgery. I am very happy with the outcome. He did exactly what I had asked and even better! Dr Kwan is not talkative, but I was looking for a doctor who I can trust and not someone who promises the mountains and delivers nothing - as it had happened with another doctor in the past. I had good feelings for Dr. Kwan and I am glad I was right about him.
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Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon in New York specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Kwan is committed to performing non surgical and surgical procedures to help his patients restore a more youthful appearance with natural and beautiful results. Connect with Dr. Edmund Kwan, M.D. on Linkedin